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Default Control MIDI actions via OSC

What is the proper way of controlling (MIDI CC/mousewheel only) actions with OSC commandS?
For example, I want to use "Adjust solo in front dim (MIDI CC/mousewheel only)" with, let's say, an encoder, that can send "i/action/987" (action's ID) with some arguments.
What arguments should be set for proper dimming "solo in front".

Of cause, I can just send MIDI command from the controller, but that would take additional midi assignment in the action list, so that's not an option, really. I need to control midi type actions with osc commands from the controller.

Found out that there are
MIDIACTION i/midiaction t/midiaction/@
MIDILISTACTION i/midilistaction t/midilistaction/@
actions available, but still can't get them to work. Does anyone have a proper example of how to exploit those actions and what does midilist even means?

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