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probably exist to call actions from the

"Midi Editor Actions" and "Midi Event List Editor"
action sections respectively.

Command IDs are not unique between Reaper "action sections"

If 987 "Adjust solo in front dim (MIDI CC/mousewheel only)" is wanted as the call, then call this via ACTION - probably call it via syntax f/action/@/cc ?

But if Command ID 989 is called via MIDIACTION or MIDILISTACTION its function will be different to when called via ACTION. The easiest way to see this difference in Command IDs is to look very closely at the action list in the "Show Action List" window whilst also showing Command IDs. Knowing this difference then leaves you calling the desired action along with appropriate parameter for ACTION where a parameter is allowed.

MIDIACTION and MIDILISTACTION calls will not take more parameters beyond a toggle, inferring from the range of strings already predefined in .ReaperOSC

Good luck using and pushing the Reaper OSC implementation boundaries!

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