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Default Spitfire Audio LABS - All are not working?


Have any of you installed Spitfire Audio LABS and got every free instrument to work? I don't. I have these working:

But those is impossible to get to work:

I get Error #2 and I followed the YT video but no go. Doesn't matter in which order I install them, I still get this Error #2 message.

Installed Modular Piano

Terminal say this:
jack: created client
jack: setting TIME_CRITICAL = 89
jack: activated client
DSSI VST plugin server v0.986
Copyright (c) 2012-2013 Filipe Coelho
Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Kristian Amlie
Copyright (c) 2004-2006 Chris Cannam
LinVst version 2.5
Loading  /home/tobbe/VST/Spitfire LABS/LABS (64 Bit).dll
011a:fixme:ver:GetCurrentPackageId (0x145fdc0 (nil)): stub
0119:fixme:win:RegisterTouchWindow (0x10096 00000000): stub
0119:fixme:msg:ChangeWindowMessageFilterEx 0x10096 233 1 (nil)
0119:fixme:msg:ChangeWindowMessageFilterEx 0x10096 4a 1 (nil)
0119:fixme:msg:ChangeWindowMessageFilterEx 0x10096 49 1 (nil)
0119:err:ole:CoGetClassObject class {4ce576fa-83dc-4f88-951c-9d0782b4e376} not registered
0119:err:ole:create_server class {4ce576fa-83dc-4f88-951c-9d0782b4e376} not registered
0119:err:ole:CoGetClassObject no class object {4ce576fa-83dc-4f88-951c-9d0782b4e376} could be created for context 0x6
0119:fixme:ntdll:NtLockFile I/O completion on lock not implemented yet

(reaper:3904): Gdk-WARNING **: gdk_window_set_user_time called on non-toplevel

jack: deactivated client
jack: close client
0119:fixme:font:RemoveFontMemResourceEx (0x878cbbb1) stub
0119:fixme:font:RemoveFontMemResourceEx (0x87881871) stub
0119:fixme:font:RemoveFontMemResourceEx (0x878d46f1) stub
0119:fixme:font:RemoveFontMemResourceEx (0x878eb091) stub
dssi-vst-server[1]: exiting
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