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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Seems like we've had this discussion before!

It was videos like this that let me hear side by side things like the noiseless pickups vs the Custom Shop Fat 50s running through the same amp with the same settings. (lame video but you can hear some side by side comparisons)

To my ears the Fat 50s have more bite and edge, which was what I wanted so I bought a 2012 American Standard that came with them stock.
Wish more of the comparison videos were like that, pretty much just clean tones and chords. I've got the Hot Noiseless in my MIM, just love them played with a touch of overdrive from my TS-9.

Kinda leaning towards the Fralin Steel 43's right now, but really liking the Seymour Duncan Red Devils. May have to do both. I'm thinking the Fralins will give me the complimentary tone with my Hot Noiseless pickups, but those Red Devils, to my ears, are killer!!!

Going to email Fralin today to get recommended specs, in the meantime, any additional suggestions more than welcome.

Thanks all.
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