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Sorry guys, but turns out this has all been a lot of mental masturbation.

Did some testing:

Here's the strat with the Texas Specials mic'd.

Here's the exact same setup only the amp is connected to the interface:

It's that brighter twangier kind of tone, to my ears anyway, that I was looking for an alternative for, just for those occasions where it would fit in better with the overall tone of the song. Not that that brighter tone is all that bad, but it does kind of point up just the basic difference between micing my amp and connecting it to the interface. I know there's any number of adjustments I can make with tone, plugins, whatnot. But to me, that's more of a band aid than a solution.

And yes, I did have Cab Emulation turned on in the amp, and the mic I was using is a Sennheiser 609, slightly offset from the center of the speaker.

Crap, since it's really not feasible for me to record by micing the amp, acoustics, neighbors, that kind of stuff, no sense wasting money on new gear, except possibly for a new interface if you think that might help. Still running my old Presonus FireWire Mobile.
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