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I use 'zynaddsubfx' I loaded it as 2 stand alone soft synths (one ALSA one JACK) with good sound banks. I have it on desktop apart from REAPER. And I click it then click qjack connect and go. If I then open Reaper and connect in Qjackctrl I can play it through REAPER Linux and record it. I searched long and hard for something like it. And it is good and works so well for me. Has a good linux sound bank. I ALSO have it on my separate midi controller PC with Yamaha keyboard and works like a charm on that too. Often I will run zybaddsubfx through Qysynth or Fluid synth And run that through Bristol. Which means I can run the keys sound into say a DX7 into a B-3 into a a moog (or loop it into 5 moogs etc) There is not a sound I can not replicate out of that little PC. And I can shoot that sample over to Reaper. I see no reason why you can't add zynaddsubfx to Reaper through Jack... It works for me SIMPLE and easily. REAPER is so flexible - I will see if I get the old Fluid synth through reaper when I get a chance.

Between zyn and xhip synth (as well as the old school ravegenerator etc) I do not need any Win or VSTs or other sound banks. Good luck if you need some specifics shoot back here.
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