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Originally Posted by BobbyS View Post
I got it in Reaper yesterday no prob. I just followed the install video on his site. Then point Reaper to where you saved ssd5.

after you get it into Reaper you might give this a look too, it's not real long. he goes kinda quick so a couple looks probable lol:

Hi BobbyS.
Thanks for the link to the tutorial. But I still haven't worked out how get the GUI for SSD5 to show up in Reaper. I've directed Reaper to the SSD5 VSTs - I'm just not sure what I'm supported to do now to start using it. Should I create individual tracks in a project for each drum and cymbal available, or can I simply click a link and see the kit? I'm really flat footed here.

How do you actually see or open SSD5 in Reaper?

(Also thanks to the others who also responded. I did disappear after I posted my question as I was on family vacation, and while I thought I'd get time to work on learning and using Reaper - I had not time to myself - but great times were had. I did also have correspondence with Paul Hessing from Slate Digital earlier - Paul was a great help in some respects, But I don't want to bother him further with my issue as I think my issue is really just inexperience, and this is just their freebie. I do however feel like I may have contributed something here, as there was a typo in their download instructions for the Free version; previously it stated to select the 'Full Library' however Paul confirmed this was a typo and updated it...on July 10th....
But that is not the source of my inaptness with all these 1's and 0's).
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