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Originally Posted by SamGuitar91 View Post
Hello everyone,

So I've been still a Windows 10 user just for Steam games, but I'd love to know if Reaper for Linux has full support for WAVES plugins?

I ask because I have a few torrented copies of these plugins, but want to buy the real deal plugins lately since they're slightly on sale, but wanted to make sure that they actually work in Linux before I go ahead and try it out.

The plugins in particular that I would like in Reaper Linux would be:

SSL G-Master Bus Compressor


Also, I plan on buying the Reaper license fully too soon as well so thanks for all the great times in terms of mixing. Still my favorite DAW to this day.

Because Wine has some missing parts as compared to Windows (ie Robocopy, reg entries, some dll's etc) some things need to be installed and setup.

Basic Install Procedure for Waves Central/64bit Waves plugins using LinVst would be

1: Install Wine Staging

2: Install the mfc42 and mfc42u 32bit dll overrides into ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/syswow64 (and optionally add the dll names in winecfg's Libraries tab)

3: Install rktools.exe (Robocopy from Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools)

4: Install the mfc140.dll override into ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32 (and optionally add the dll names in winecfg's Libraries tab)

5: Import Waves.reg (in LinVst's Waves folder) into regedit

6: Install Waves Central

7: The vst 64 bit dll to wrap is WaveShellxxxxxx.dll in ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/VSTPlugIns/ (there might be more than one WaveShellxxxxxx.dll depending on additional Waves plugins installs)

7: A dialog box will popup (asking for a path) the first time a Waves V10 plugin is run,
descend into the path by double clicking on ( C: )
and then double click on Program Files (x86) (or Program Files if Plug-Ins V10 can't be found)
and then double click on Waves
and then just highlight Plug-Ins V10 with a single click (don't descend into it)
and then finish by clicking on open.

Tested Waves Central and Waves C1 and C4 and C360 and API-560 and Abbey Road Plates and Bass Slapper(1GB samples) plugins with Wine Staging version 3.x and 4.x and Debian Stretch/Sid (other non Debian based systems not tested).

Waves VST3 API-560 and Abbey Road Plates plugins tested with LinVst3 and DDMF Metaplugin VST3 to VST2 wrapper and Wine Staging 4.x and Debian Stretch/Sid.

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