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Default Transport integration with komplete kontrol s61 is not working.

I just purchased a NI Komplete Kontrol S61 mk2. I have installed the Reaper_kontrol.dll in the user plugin folder as instructed. I have not enabled the Komplete kontrol under midi device. Still, the transport function doesn't work.

I don't really recognize the instances in midi device you refer to in the manual. The instances I have after plugging in KK is Komplete kontrol-1 and komplete ext-1. There is no Komplete Daw-1. The manual says you should not change the name but in the next sentence it says that the alias should be Komplete Daw-1!?

The komplete kontrol plugin works just fine. I can select plugins and so on but I can't control anything in the daw, track focus, transport and so forth. Any thoughts?

I´m running reaper on a pc with win 10.

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