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Originally Posted by 404NotFound View Post
Thanks a lot, nofish!

The OMF2 files look similar to the ones plush2 provided (thanks again!), but the OMF1 ones seem to have a different TOC format. I will most likely get only OMF2 working, at least for now.

At the moment I'm able to transform that OMF binary gibberish into readable information, next step is figuring out what all these objects and properties actually do - it's not that hard since the names are quite self-explaining, but there are hundreds to thousands of objects in one file so I need to know what _every_ _single_ _one_ does.

I'll keep you posted!
Your post sounds very interesting, however I don't quite get it (maybe I've missed something). Are you working on a Reaper extension for OMF support?
That would be amazing!

Regarding OMF1-OMF2,
afaik the only difference is that OMF2 can additionally contain clip-based fade ins/outs and volume information. So I think OMF2 support would be totally fine (OMF1 seems redundant to me, or are there DAWs that can only work with OMF1, not sure...)

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