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Okay, upon some further testing there seems to be an issue with larger OMF files. Under 300MB seem to be okay, but larger files are causing a REAPER crash with the reaper_omf.dll as the likely culprit. I was having an issue opening a 724MB OMF2 file that I created from a SONAR 8 project using it's export to OMF. SONAR easily re-opens the OMF that it had created, so the file itself appears to be fine. The project contains (17) full length audio tracks and is about 4min & 23 seconds long. I then tried paring the project down by shortening the length first to 3 mins (520MB) and then to 2 mins(340MB) and doing a bounce to tracks each time to trim off any excess audio to get the final OMF file size down. Each time the resulting OMF file would cause REAPER to crash. It was not until I trimmed the project down to a 1:28 (263MB) that I was finally able to open the OMF in REAPER. I have attached the crash logs & mini dump file from Dr Watson.

Also of note: Opening the OMF's (depending on the size) in SONAR only takes 5-15 seconds (rather than a few minutes in REAPER). In addition, there is a convenient OMF related "Unpack OMF" dialog that pops up when you first open an OMF that tells you the sample & bit rates & tempo of the OMF and you can also alter the import settings (name/save location, etc..). This reads the bit rate/sample rate & tempo from the target OMF and once unpacked this info gets imported into SONAR as the new project settings. Note: When the OMF is unpacked and imported into SONAR the OMF's original tempo (unless manually changed in the dialog) is the set in SONAR as such. I noticed in REAPER that the project never changes from the project default when an OMF is opened as a new project. It would be nice if the original OMF tempo was assumed in REAPER as well.


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