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Originally Posted by SiKo View Post
i was playing with this a bit and I get some strange result.
when rotating a knob on my edirol, 2 cc's are send.
The cc's from your edriol are passed through. So, if you mapped a slider on your edriol to a JS slider, either by midi learn or 'adjust selected track FX parameter', moving a slider on your keyboard moves a JS slider, thus generating a cc message, but the cc from the keyboard is passed through.

It also means, that if the control on the keyboard is set to a cc which changes a reason parameter by chance, it unintentionally affects 2 parameters.

Filtering out the 'bad' cc's is not possible. But as long as you can set the controls on the keyboard to a different channel than the master keyboard channel, you're set. E.g my fatar sends on ch1, but all sliders/pots send on ch16. In reaper I set 'Midi Input->Fatar->Ch1' ('fatar' being an alias). So the controls are not passed through, but still available for automation.

Hope this makes sense...and helps

kind regards...Pia
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