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thanks airon... I'll get and try that streamclip converter

so far all attempts at a conversion have loaded into reaper semi ok... but when playing the video does not progress with the audio

in other words, I hear the audio but the video will either be black screen or will will remain on a partiular frame while the audio moves ahead...

I admit and has said my system is not very powerful, but it can handle video in vegas, in vlc, quicktime, and some others OK

also, video in other daw's that support it seem better, but truly I don't go there often...

reaper is where I want to be...

so I say again... [more kindly this time] video in reaper sux! hahaha Make is as good as VLC and I'll just shut up and lie down.

PS so been running slipstream now on one file to convert to a .mov.... two hrs. and 6% done and it's not that big a file...
so to deal with things this way could eat days and days of time
...should be fixed for the next build...

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