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Originally Posted by IXix View Post
Yes, I guessed that must be the case. I was wondering if the memory leak could be in the actual ffmpeg.dll code.

I'd like to get this going. I've been invited to do sound for a short art film but if I can't fix this memory munch I'll struggle to do it.
I already noticed several time the memory leak with video as MusicByNumbers did.

To fix it for your work, you can try to lower the pre buffering media time and %. The memory leak will take more time.

It seems to work here now. We have two computer, one for video projection, one for mixing. Both have a video. The video projection is a x86 reaper with QT (because it's mainly ProRes stuff). And the mix computer have a RAW avi poor resolution, played with FFmpeg. Both are doing great.

This memory leak should be fixed, thoug ...
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