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Default Crashes using FB360 Spat Workstation

Hi All,

I just finished mixing sound for a short VR video. This was my first experiment with 3D audio / VR and it was quite a fun learning experience. I used the FB360 Spatial Workstation on a MacBook Pro. I would often experience crashes in Reaper while "tracking" sound objects on the video in the spatializer plugin. When I relaunched Reaper I'd get a crash notification from the FB360 plugin, etc. Does this happen to anyone and are there any tips on how to avoid it? Admittedly, my computer seemed barely able to handle this project and my CPU was almost maxed out at times. But i was able to finish the project by saving every few mins and dealing with the crashes. I'm not sure how to get it %100 reproducible but I'm open to doing a few experimentations.
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