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Originally Posted by eric71 View Post
Dragging from EZDrummer 2 to REAPER tracks doesn't work for me with LinVst. Since I usually put the whole song together in EZDrummer's composer, it's easy enough to export the whole thing to midi, and then import that into REAPER.

I do recall it being suggested some time ago that with MT Power Drumkit for drag and drop to work, you needed to use the "standalone window version" of LinVst. Maybe it is similar for EZDrummer. But I never got that to work with power drumkit, so not sure if that was ever true, and I've only used the embedded window version of LinVst since.
I assume that dragging and dropping midi clips from EZ-Drummer doesn't work because EZ-Drummer is running in WINE, and REAPER is running in native Linux.

I would also expect that if you were to run REAPER for Windows in WINE that dragging and dropping from EZ-Drummer would work, because both processes would then be running as Windows tasks in WINE.
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