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Totally resonate, I had used Cakewalk software since the MIDI-only days (with my venerable and still relevant Roland SC-55). When they started 'losing it' around SONAR with ever-increasing costs and less support from the 'bakers' as we called them, I had huge intrepidation as I contemplated my options. I had always thought of Reaper as hobbyist software, until I discovered Kenny's videos and spent several marathon sessions absorbing the capabilities. I still have SONAR PRO loaded but haven't used it in 2019 (moved some of the final projects over 2018 holiday season).

THANX...I might not have gotten here without the videos!

Originally Posted by DefeatedKeys View Post
I can only echo what previous posters have said.

Being a former long-time SONAR user, I've found these videos invaluable in learning how to "get things done" using Reaper that were second nature in SONAR at a pace that is spot on for newcomers to Reaper like myself.

Excellent stuff Kenny, and long may it continue
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