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Default Animation short - sound edited and mixed in Reaper

This is a project by a bunch of talented people, and I got to do the sound for it. See the credits at the end of the six minute film for a list of folks and their roles.

The film is a trailer for the Mayann Project, which provides new maps, hats, items and weapon(skins) for Team Fortress 2.

Here's a shot of the session:

Working on this was a lot of fun, as most of us did this in our free time. This meant we could take our time. The music was refined over time, mostly because of recuts. Zagir ("MrModez") was kind enough to send me instrument group stems for the third part, which definitely helped the films atmosphere.

Most of the foley work was done at home, in my back yard and edited in from my recorded library of foley of previous projects. Some library material was used.

Pretty much the entire dialogue was put together from recordings found in the game. Most of it is grunts, laughs and screams . That probably took the most time as I needed to search through the over 2000 VO lines to find what worked. Reapers database functionality in the media explorer saved tons of time here.

The plugins used were quite basic. ReaEQ, ReaComp, RDeesser, RComp, Valhalla Room, Aether and Voxengo Elephant. EQ, dynamics, reverb. That's it.

Mics used for foley and effects are almost entirely my KMR81, which is a wide shotgun mic.
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