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Default [Request/suggestion] Maschine for Reaper

Hey! until i discovered Reaper, I played around with my Maschine mk2 a lot. But the Maschine Software isn't really that powerful. I think however, that with some time and coding, Reaper could actually be Made to be usable like the Maschine software, just with many more features. using Oscii-bot and such it should theoretically be possible to give it every single function it has in maschine software, wich would make it more like the ableton push, just for reaper ( as ableton is a full DAW, controllable by the push). I'm not a good enough coder to attempt to do something like that, but maybe someone else that knows how to do it has a maschine too. I'd love the idea of beeing able to not only mix and control plugins via a controller, but to really be able to completly get hands on with a DAW. And reaper SHOULD theoretically be flexible enough to support that!

I hope I inspired someone, cheers ;D
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