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Originally Posted by EpicSounds View Post
I too would really like to have this even if it's very basic. the only thing roughly similar right now is the pixelate preset.

In one of my Q&A videos that I edited using Resolve. I tracked an oval mask around my face, feathered it and added a bit of blur to everything outside the mask. IIRC it was extremely cpu intense and took ages to track and render. A nice effect but not worth the effort IMO.
Bokeh really is a cpu intense process. That's true. It isn't possible to preview it in a DAW like Reaper. But simple Gaussian blur could be handled like in VLC. In VLCs video effects is a blur effect with sigma parameter and it runs nearly in real time for 1280x720 mp4 with a high bitrate. At least at my slowly laptop.
Noise or grain is also possible and would be a big deal for video projects as its a good method for matching different video sources. Question was and is if Reapers Video processor eel is capable for doing something like this.
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