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Great! Thanks for putting this together

I've always seen this Feature working as an in-project MIDI item: embedded and floating in a window when you double-click on it. Simple in words but maybe hard to code. PiP's will make my work easier while mixing and on productions, less tracks more control. I could take all related tracks (all guitars, all pianos, all drums, all percussion, etc.) and convert them to one (1) PiP. Just like comping but more advanced: one big item with many items inside which I can edit easily on the floating window. Less tracks: just one track with everything inside: more control: one track for each element in my mix. With a synchronized timeline between PiPs and the main project everything would be easier: faster editing, more control over layers, etc. I think Beat-by-bits has said everything I'd need in PiPs... if I find something else I'll post again. Please share your ideas, how this would benefit your workflow, what you'd like, what you'd need... this is a powerful feature, let's keep it alive
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