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post from another thread regarding how logic handles "pips":

Originally Posted by sebas777 View Post
@cerberus: Deep linking.
It's been a while since I was using Logic, but for example:

1) you have more copies of the Arrange window (in the same or in separate screensets)
2) in your project you have a folder item (pip, amalgamation) on a track, that contains multiple tracks
3) you enable the "deep link" button in one of the Arrange windows
4) if you select the folder item, all the Arrange windows with the "deep link" enabled will display what is *inside* the folder (one level down).
5) but all Arrange windows with "regular" link enabled will only display upper level tracks with the folder selected on one of them.

But wait, there's more - it also works with editor windows...

So here's the full explanation:

Because it is one of the most useful features, I am starting to think about making a few LICEcap demonstrations for you. Of course for now the best way is to install some old (demo?) version of logic PC...

(i did use that function in logic once or twice with midi, not audio however).
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