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Originally Posted by johnrule View Post
That's what PiP does now. The subprojects are stored as references to files within a single project:
Yes and excellent video. You simply haven't shown a PiP stored within a single reaper project (which is what people call ReaParts--and is what we can't do yet).

One could say the ideal setup would be to have PiPs with the following options:
  • Stored in parent project or stored in separate file.
  • Loaded live in RAM or auto-frozen as mixdown.

Italics for what we can't do yet...

Storing projects within the parent (reaparts) is an excellent option for parts that are only used in one project--mostly for organizational solutions and transfering projects--while separate files (as we have now), allow for shared assets, editing the parts in isolation and stuff like that...

The auto-frozen (after changes detected) is infinitely useful in album mixing projects, where each song is a PiP or in complex synth projects (where each layer of sound can stay static most of the time, but the ability to quickly. Right now, we have the live-in-RAM option, which is superb for performance alone.

The fleshing out of these few options and the addition of a few actions really is necessary for the feature to get traction and attention outside the experimental reaper user base (we are vocal on the forums, but not representative of the standard music user, are we not?).
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