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Finally a few proposals:
  • Since most undo strings are longer than the room they need to be displayed completely (even in English), it would be nice if the gap between the rightmost menu item and the items, displayed on the right side of the menu strip could be closed, so more undo strings could be shown as a whole. Even if all display options on the right side are enabled, there will be a gap in nearly all cases.

  • Would it, by any chance, be possible to modify the string calculator in a way, that lists like the one below could be calculated at once instead of having to copy and calculate all these strings one by one?
    This would be a real time-saver.

  • It would be nice, if also these controls could be localized:

  • And yet again: Things would look much more tidy if we could shift/resize/align elements to each other to finally get rid of these higgledy-piggledy-looking dialog windows. Maybe this could be done in a WALTER-style manner or somehow similar to the idea I already suggested here.

Thank you.

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