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Originally Posted by Jeffos View Post
Thanks a lot for that, SWS!! I thought my post was just lost in space...

I'm using this "under-coat" SDK, I saw this mysterious GetSetObjectState() but I didn't realize that AT ALL! How do you know that? But... Hummmm.. with your info I understand that the 1st param may be, say, a MediaTrack*, a MediaItem*, etc... and that the XML "slice" is the one we can see int the .RPP files, and sax & dom are good friends of mine...
... but NO! I'll wait for your wrapper, 'cause I've got lot of other issues - begining with a runtime license on the main component I use, needs a switch to LGPL !

I just hope we're not working on the same idea

- Jeffos (future SWS Wrapper user since 1902)
You may be out of luck in any case trying to use XML parsing code on the Reaper data format, as it's not really XML but something that kinda looks like it. I doubt standard XML parsing/generating code will work with it. If you prove me wrong that'd be nice too though...
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