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Originally Posted by bapu View Post
I'm not sure is this is a Reaper thing or a reacwp but I'm not always seeing both visual faders when a track has a volume and pre-fx volume automation.

Alexy, in my project I sent you, Master has both visual sliders but Keys only has the Volume fader, yet it too has a pre-fx volume automation.

There are a few other but that should be enough to go on.
Keys also have both.
But I have decided to use different visualizations for 2 cases:
- "real" gain automation (f.e. on Master) is shown in a separate envelope lane
- gain envelope as a single value from "Input gain" knob is shown on the track itself
That serves 2 purpose:
1) clearly indicate that the "origin" for this envelope is different
2) reduct the number of "lanes" (f.e. all your "Jason Guitars" have not default input gain)

Lastly, why do I not see movement of faders and automation faders when the project is playing?
Reaper default way to work with envelopes (explained in ReaCWP documentation...). Sonar a kind of support the same, but that is rarely used in it.
Faders in Reaper are by default in "Trim" mode. Make a lot of sense, taking into account how many "volume envelopes" Reaper support on one track ( "Take", "Pre-FX", "Volume", "Trim-Volume").
You can make them move in case you switch to "Read" mode and "Arm" corresponding envelope (may be making it armed by default is a good idea, but for safety I disarm during conversion).
That also make sense ( have you even moved a fader in Sonar with the transport stopped and then was wondering why the level is still the same? has happened for me many times...).
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