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Originally Posted by psingman View Post
H;lo. I am really getting this EZ drummer thing down using Reaper but need a little more help. How do you use the mixer, inside it, to lower let's say snare hits....I mean, I know how to lower the volumer fader, but how do you do it for all the midi grooves, you drop into the midi track you are using for EZ drummer.

I am not using going the separate routing way yet, so do you have to set the mixer for the whole track or what? It seems it should be doable for each midi file you drop in. Well, hope you can help, thanks, psingman

It's best to separate each track out, not just for routing but for separate processing of each drum at the mixdown stage. You would treat a kick differently than a snare, so separating them out makes the most sense. Just follow the tutorial in this thread that Serendipity put together - fantastic tutorial and very easy to do in Reaper. Once you do that, set it as a template so that it is recalled each time you open Reaper.

Without doing this, to my knowledge, the only way to adjust the individual snare hits is to lower the snare fader in the EZDrummer mixer.


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