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Default CPU overload when I arm and select the same track (NO BUG)

When i arm and select the same track, my CPU can become overloaded (and i have somes glitchs on my speaker), but when i select an another track, it seems not overloaded ...

There are lots of items with VST FX (pitch effects like "Discord 3" ) in the track of this exemple.

Buffer : at 64 samples, i have got lots of glitchs and at 4096, i haven't glitch but the CPU stills to increase greatly (but less than with 64 samples).

I have got an i5 3.7 Ghzn, 8 giga of RAM, Windows 7 and one GFORCE 770. The problem occurs at least with two differents sounds cards (one PCI and one USB).

My main card : GIGABYTE GA-Z77M-D3H - Socket 1155 - Chipset Z77 - Micro-ATX

How do you explain this issue ?

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