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Default One of my VSTi is not showing off

Hi everyone!

I have an issue with this VSTi plug in:

It doesn't appear in the VST/VSTis list of Reaper.

It's the only one. The others plugs work fine!
I know that this VSTi can run in Reaper (I have used it in the v4.10).

At the first scan of VSTis, I had msvcr100.dll and msvcr71.dll issues.
So I installed "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)" and now, I don't have issues anymore, but the YM2612 plug still doesn't appear in the list (even when I use the "folder option" to search my VSTs).

When Reaper scans the plug, I can see that YM2612 is checked.

I love this Megadrive VSTi, what can we do when plugs don't show off?
Thank you by advance!
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