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Originally Posted by suchatravesty View Post
I've never tried Rearoute but I believe it's meant to be used with ASIO. I think you have to use ASIO in each program you're linking. ASIO4ALL is the standard as far as ASIO drivers go, it works great.
I tried installing ASIO4ALL, and did get Reaper running with ASIO and ASIO4ALL. I started something playing in VCV Rack on ReaRoute 1 & 2 and am still having the same problem in Reaper.

I can hear the VCV audio when I turn on Record Armed with the input set to Input Stereo ReaRoute 1&2 and I can see the audio meter working. Then I hit space, but nothing is actually recording.

Am I doing that right? Just hit Record Armed with the monitor on, and hit space to start recording?
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