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Originally Posted by ErBird View Post
The tone control is two basic peak filters. You could edit out the delay code and continue to use the tone control as is. Or you could use ReaEQ. The result will be identical with the right BW value. 3-Band-EQ uses shelves so not the same.

Thank you for your work on this. As it happens I was testing using ReaEQ on the band setting as you have demonstrated. Just with dB up to 3 and bandwidth on default 2. Then later matching your 2.4 figure. I found it still didn't sound the same, at least not to me. It was working as I could see the graph in the VST. But I couldn't get it working to the same depth. Somehow Tone Control is simple but effective. Don't know why the code hasn't been isolated by itself. I tried earlier to use it by itself with a 0 delay and no feedback but it didn't work.

I tested your version. And it looks like you did some tedious work reducing those sliders from 7 to 4. But I cannot hear any difference. I noticed you took out the Output Mix. And add it directly in. So would it then assume an output of 1 for a wet mix only?
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