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The sounds in your video are what keyboard players generally call ambient or "pad" sounds, I'd suppose because they make nice mellow musical "pads" for other musical parts to rest on or just chill out and relax to. Most general use synths will offer these types of sounds. Not really into synths enough to know who does the best pads but Synthmaster is kinda considered to be able to do most things and has a free version with 500 presets.

But... what I really recommend is you look up the old HG Fortune (RIP) stuff. He was an unusual synth designer who built very elaborate designs, many of which were designed to make pad and ambient soundscape type sounds and some of which will just kinda play themselves from little or no input. Might be just the thing. Old unsupported stuff but I'm not aware of any contemporary equivalents. (Anybody?) Caveats: No support, old 32 bit programs, very weird elaborate interfaces but kinda intended AFAIK to be poked at and messed with without necessarily real understanding. Try Wheel of Fortune or Dream Machine. His stuff is available various places, here's one:

Or just buy a sample pack. Anything with "ambient" or "dream" or "...scape" in the title will be a likely candidate.

Good luck, have fun!
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