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Originally Posted by moio View Post
I found a UAD-1e at sweetwater. Did you have a look there? maybe they're still on stock ...
Well, I am not a big fan of Sweetwater. And I did order from them a few weeks ago. Even ordered it with overnight shipping. A few moments after ordering, one of the sales guy calls me to say it is not in stock and they are expecting them the following monday. I cancelled in attempts to find it elsewhere. Nothing! I called back that next monday and asked to reinstate my order. No problem. I waited until tuesday for shipment. Nothing. I called and they claim that they weren't sure when they would get the next stock in. Grrrrr! So I cancelled again! Now I see they removed the UAD-1e from the online inventory... Ebay has a few listed, but not sure I want to give someone a nearly 20% profit. I guess I'll just wait and save up... and swing for the UAD-2 Solo.
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