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Originally Posted by ezurick View Post
Can you please tell us where do you see the UAD plugins? Are they marked as UAD in the VST? Just curious where they show up.
Not sure why this is such a hard question to get answered, but could someone explain how the UAD plugins show up in Reaper please? Are they listed in the VST plugins, or are they listed by themselves? Just trying to get an idea how they show up concerning ease of use. My VST listing is getting pretty clustered.

Another question I can't seem to find is regarding the UAD-2. I see the UAD-2 Solo listed for $499 and it comes with the 5 basic free plugs. Then I see the UAD-2 Nevana listed for $699 and it claims to have 32 channels with a few different plugs. However reading into the details of the Nevana, it claims to have the UAD-2 Solo card. How can they be different. If the Nevana is 32 channels, what is the UAD-2 Solo card. A $200 difference is just what plugs are packaged? I am confused. I also see the Nevana is claimed to be like the Neve-88 console. But again, if the Nevana comes with the UAD-2 Solo card, the difference is what plugins are packaged. Can anyone enlighten me on the differences please?
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