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Originally Posted by drumphil View Post
Have you watched the tutorial videos suggested above yet? Done any research on the UAD site about how their plugins are implemented? Do I have to do it for you so I can tell you the answer when I don't own one myself... put some effort in man.

And in general, if you VST plugin list is getting cluttered you're probably "doing it all wrong" anyway.
Hmmmm. What a piece of work this is! Drum (fill)? I suppose you're the main studio engineer and songwriter too?

All my questions are answered now that I purchased the UAD-2. I was trying to get a little heads-up, but didn't realize what I was dealing with until I seen some of these responses.

And yes, my VST is getting clustered because ALL VST plugins are listed where? And every UAD is listed whether you own it or not!

I'll be sure to avoid you...
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