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Originally Posted by billybk1 View Post
Which UAD-2 card did you get?


Billy Buck
Hi Billy... I purchased the UAD-2 Nevana (32 Channel). I was totally confused about the purchase and that is why I was trying to ask questions here. I also tried to research and ask questions on the UAD forums, but I just couldn't get basic questions answered and no one over there would answer about Reaper.

I did have a heck of time getting the card working, but it is working now. I am also a little disappointed in the Nevana 32, when this is nothing more that the UAD-2 solo with the basic 5 effects, to include the Neve 88-RS. I mostly use the 1176SE and ProVerb or whatever the basic reverb is called. So I could have saved myself $200 if I could have gotten my basic questions answered. Oh well, live and learn.

I do have to say... folks, if you want true pro-level mix-down in Reaper or most any other DAW, you need to get a UAD. I am just learning it, but apply the 1176SE to nearly everything... that alone creates a fine-tuned and sonic mix-down. Oh! I am currently doing hard rock. So those drum set signals, electric flying guitars and fat bass tracks... cleaned up in a breeze!
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