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Originally Posted by random_id View Post
I just wanted to say - this is really a cool idea!
If this could be paired with users loading their own knob images, it would allow people to totally customize the GUI.

Are you currently serializing the positions so that it is saved between states?
Thanks. I think that I don't understand what you mean by "serializing" part...
Anyways, for now this doesn't do anything to code automatically. It is intended to move and resize controls and get it's position and size and then you can manually type in the values inside you project. Making this automatically is not impossible but it will be a huge work and it will require some standardization how control position and size is declared.

For now it will stay like this (I won't work any more on it), but in the future I have idea to make GUI fully editable with adding/removing controls etc. (This will be way better implemented than JUCE imo...)
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