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Originally Posted by snooks View Post
Cool, I noticed a small crash bug caused by 32 vs 64 bit stuff in RetrieveOldLayoutChanges. I've change the unsigned variables to size_t...
size_t start_index = oldCode.find(findStart.Get());
size_t next_start_index = oldCode.find("        // class", start_index);
size_t end_index = oldCode.find(findEnd.Get());
... because unsigned was storing a different value for not found than oldCode.npos on 64 bit which made oldCode.substr go way out of range because of the difference, causing the crash. 32 bit was the same value so didn't go out of range.

Thanks for all the work here!
Thanks for the bug fix! This is still working version of the code. Currently if is full of mess, and I plan to make it more readable soon... The most important thing is that it works..
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