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Originally Posted by Eliseat View Post
It really looks like its jumping backwards in this gif but I'm having problems to reproduce that.
Code-wise there's something which rounds the zoomed image dimensions to numbers that are divisible by 2 (5 becomes 4, 123 becomes 122 etc.). Not completely sure what this does (let the image stay centered?) but do you see any improvements concerning the backwards jumping if you remove the "&0xfffe" part from these lines (line 33 and 34)?
    dw = (project_w*z)&0xfffe;
    dh = (project_h*z)&0xfffe;
EDIT: ah I can reproduce it by zooming into the image and simultaneously moving it down so that the upper border of the image has 2 opposing directions. My quick fix seems to prevent jumping back but for now I'm not sure if this breaks something else.

(btw enabling filtering makes edges in the image look much more smooth)

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