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wwwmaze, this looks quite smooth. But its without panning.

Anyway, this motion blur is great. (And my post is kind of off topic.) I figured out how to change the alpha to make it more subtle but for some reason it reacts to sensible. Even the slowest motion gets a lot of last frame blending what would be good for the slow zooming example in your post but is to much for a real application.

Is there a way to decrease the distance of the blends or even to make a slower reaction? So it increases the blur later at higher speeds but not so much in slower?

Look at this example: There are two cycles. One with clean motion, one with motion blur 0.1 alpha. This looks almost perfect but as you see, it reacts just not fluidly or dynamically. Its more like a linear alignment of motion blur distance what doesn't look naturally. Does it need an algorithmic adaption? Have no idea.

I know you did this little gem just to show how to even out the zoom issue. But this has so much potential to rock the Reaper video world ...
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