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Originally Posted by wwwmaze View Post
Quick answer (in a hurry): I'm not sure I understand you 100% but I think the video looks a bit unnatural because maybe you reduced alpha of the current frame? I could be wrong but the current frame looks like it has less alpha than the last frame (i.e. the frame before the current).

Could it be that you set "gfx_a=0.5" in line 11 to something low?
You would need to set it to something high if you need more opacity for current frame.

I dont know, could be the blur too, which is super primitive, just averaging 2 frames.
Haha, this is irony. So I once in my life thought I had found something in the code which does what I want. (Felt kind of cool.) But only to hear from you that it did exactly the opposite?
Great. How embarrassing can it get?

Anyway. What I wanted to say in the first place was: This motion blur is amazing. And if it would react more naturally to motion (less in slow movement) it would be stunning as it doesn't need a lot of cpu and could be used to cinemize any motion/movement of text, image and graphic objects.
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