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Welcome at Reaper Live Usage !

"Parallel" effects in a track's FX "chan" can be done by increasing the channel count of the chain and using pin routing (see User Guide).

Regarding reverb: mind that ReaVerb (and maybe other convolution engines as well) features a "Zero Latency" setting, that allows for "realtime" live performance, but needs more CPU that with "ZL" switched off.

Regarding Live setup: there is the great tools "SWS LiveConfigs" that helps managing the multiple patches you will want to switch during a live performance. Search the forums for "LiveConfigs" and you will find a lot discussions on that topic showing it's usage (I wrote an enhanced User Guide for LiveConfigs). (Unfortunately we don't have a dedicated "Reaper Live" forum over here. )

Also mind that for live usage you need a decently fast CPU and an A/D-D/A converter which (including it's driver) is specified for low latency., I happily use NI Audio 6 for that.

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