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thanks so much for the help guys.

I had it right the first time it was just an error with Two Notes WOS that was not producing any output. On my second try I got it working great.

First of all I am so impressed with the sound I am achieving here vs on my iphone 7.

I was trying out bias and tonestack etc and got so frustrated with the tiny screen that I wanted to give my pc a try.

My lackluster experience with PC VST was definitely due to a sub par audio card. I finally had my behringer UMC 204 HD arrive and I loaded up Ignite Emissary with a Tyrant screamer in front going into WOS. Holy Djent!! Wow! I have definitely caught the vst bug. Already have the full valhalla suite humming.

I dont think I could go back to analog gear at this point. Too expensive for what I have discovered I love.
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