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I'm still not 100% sure it's as simple as PA + AA. It may be another combination as well. I did manage to get a project with only about 20 plugins to crash (only AA and PA plugins in it) but only once..

I have a huge project (100+ tracks, 200+ plugins) that does crash 100% reliably but it's such a pain to share as the material is copyrighted (a band I'm currently working with for a label) and it's so fragmented and large. I'll try to see if I can get a few other projects that crash and post them here.

I'm mainly gathering as much information as I can at this stage. Something in my Windows 7 64bit Home Premium is unstable.

I've stripped out all virus scanning stuff and everything else I can find. The computer is quite new and the setup changed completely from my old system but it still seems to have this same issue, crashes with Reaper + PA plugins in large projects.

I also just finished a thorough scan of the memory sticks to see if they are faulty but they seem fine (16 gigs of RAM). I'm at a loss here. It's always ntdll.dll that crashes but as we all know, this one is just very generic.

Should I perhaps start installing some of those MS Visual C++ libraries? Just in case? Which ones are the usual suspects to install?
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