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A big part of the differences in reverb is the bandwidth of the frequency content.

Real quick tutorial:
Pull up any reverb.
Put a ReaEQ after it. Dial up both a high pass and a low pass.
Send the source to the reverb.
Solo the reverb track to hear just that.
Adjust those high and low pass filters back and forth to limit the reverb band and listen to the effect.

See how that works?

Now start with a reverb that is close to the reverberate sound element you are looking for and then dial it into perspective with the eq.

Moving forward, you can both pre and post eq the reverb. You can compress the reverb output. You can distort the reverb output. You can delay the reverb output (put a ReaDelay on the track with it). Try all that.

Finding the perfect reverb is more about framing the perspective in the mix than some holy grail reverb plugin. ReaVerb with the free convolution IR's out there will go a long way.
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