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I don't know if anyone has tested the saving and loading of Automation items but this is what I found. (OSX 10.10.5)

Saving an AI always opens the user documents folder, instead of last used, or reaper resources folder
Same with loading an AI.
Every time, not just the first time. We don't want that.

Suggested fix:
A folder for AutomationItems in REAPER folder, with some premade shapes included with default install. Saving and loading looks in this folder first.

The second bug is that sometimes the exported AI isn't the same as what was saved. Try changing the offset, then saving.
I think it should save what is visible and not require the user to glue first.
That combined with the extra steps to save and then load to test if it was saved right makes for a poor user experience.

With the LFO generator, it would be 100% more useful if we had control over start and middle values.
Currently the LFO always starts at middle.

And please, please, please fix this
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