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Originally Posted by drummerboy View Post
Related to: Fix small issue with action "SWS/AW: Toggle auto group newly recorded items"

I still have a small issue with auto group:

- I assigned "R" to "SWS/AW: Record Conditional (normal/time selection/item selection, automatically group simultaneously recorded items)"
- And space-bar to "SWS/AW: Play/Stop (automatically group simultaneously recorded items)"

I have to stop recording by pressing R in order to make auto-grouping work.
If I stop with space-bar (as I'm used to), it doesn't group.
Also tried with space-bar assigned to standard transport:start/stop - no difference.
Tried with latest Reaper RC 21 and the latest standard version.

Thx to everyone involved with SWS extensions!
The actions you list above should be no longer needed.
All that should be required now to make auto grouping work is toggle "SWS/AW: Toggle auto group newly recorded items" to ON and then use the normal recording buttons / shortcuts then it should auto group the recorded items on stop.


Doesn't that work on your side ?

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