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Originally Posted by HoJo View Post
thanks, got it working now.

Anyway, I somewhat still understand the workflow.
Say I have number of grouped drumtracks which I would like to timestretch by creating and using stretchmarkers.
What needs to be done when?
First create stretch markers via Dynamic way?
Then use the script on...what?
Sorry, if asking dumb questions, but I really don't see the entry here.
Any hint appreciated.
They aren't dumb questions!

It's mostly my fault that you are somewhat confused by this, I've been spending most my time on trying to make the script work and bug-proof, and hadn't had much time to really work on "ease-of-use."

I'm doing a little bug-testing right now, but I'm about to shoot another little video (I'm going to try and make this easier to follow/understand), and if everything goes well, then post v. 1.02 shortly, which has average frequency detection.

[ADD. 6-15-19]

I do want to clarify; this script does hinge on stretch markers already being placed. Sort of like I eluded to earlier, use can still use this script if you prefer slip-editing to stretch markers simply by following a procedure of the like:
**Place stretch markers using "Dynamic Split" (Dynamic Split is a great tool!)
**Watch my newest video and use it as a walk-through; Read the documentation too if it will help!
**After/if you've achieved good results, just split the item at stretch markers and remove stretch markers!
Also to answer your specific question about your grouped drum tracks (my drum tracks usually stay grouped too): This script was actually designed to assist (myself) in drum editing. That being said, the nature of this script's complication level would skyrocket (regarding my skill level) if I attempted to incorporate multi-track, multi-item, functionality. And the rewards (assuming success) would be minimal, only shaving off perhaps minutes of editing, despite having spent what I assume would be countless hours programming.

Because of this, it's currently designed only to work on one single item at a time. But it's not very difficult to find free Reaper scripts that "copy" either stretch markers from item/take to item/take, or even cut points.

But realistically, for me, this is not an issue. On an average take of drums from my guys there's probably about 5-15 edits (different items) for an entire song. If I'm in the process of placing my stretch markers (or splits) on my kick and snare tracks, the amount of time it would take me to run this script on 5-15 items is negligible. And in theory, this script should actually be saving me a lot of time, given that it works correctly and efficiently. Then, once finished, I simply just use one of either MPL's, spk's, or my own scripts to transfer the stretch markers equally to all other tracks/items, as to edit each track identically and not introduce any phasing into the mix.

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