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Well if you read my post.. I had to build new PC.. The RME wasn't as solid on WIN10 with that machine as it was with Win7 but it was still good. I used the PCI to Digiface since about 2005 when I moved from my large-ish Pro Tools TDM rig.

I ended up buying another Digiface with PCIe just to get the PCIe card..(So I'm not using their converters I trashed my RME ADI-8pros long ago thank god they were so cloudy sounding back then.)
Because I knew going to a new build it's hard to find PCI slots PCIe much easier.

So I had a SSL Alpha Link AX hooked Adat to that Digiface.
the SSL died..They want me to send them the unit plus $1200 to get not a new unit but a refurbished one.. So yes I could have kept the Digiface and got other converters..
But I'm in the middle of 3 projects and one of them I'm doing at 32bit 96K First one I've done that way.. I started it at another studio with and 32ch API 1608 and we all wanted to do it at 96K.. That would half my 24 converters to 12 on the SSL which is fine for all the over dubs.. But I have another project tracking at my place at that will be 96K as well and 12 inputs isn't enough.

So jump to I bought a Apollo faster then I wanted to..Thanks to the SSL death.. But my ex drummer and close friend got me a really good deal on the Apollo and I got it in time to also get the free Octo satellite.. and I already have the Quad and Duo PCIe.. So there's my story..

Would you like to buy my RME's I have 2 Digifaces and 1 PCI and 1 PCIe cards
Oh.. and a SSL Alpha Link Madi AX I'll sell dirt cheap and you can send it back to them plus $1200 and get another one that works..
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