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Originally Posted by AudioLemon View Post
Something that is often overlooked is that Apple make hardware. In my job I deal with over 60 Macs and it is well recognized by management that Macs last longer and require significantly less maintenance. They last. They look good. They work well. They are the industry standard. They are more expensive initially but given the amount of flawless hours you get out of them it is worth it.
I would agree that that used to be the case but Apple is using all the same parts as everyone else. They haven't made a workstation class system in nearly a decade and their "pro" models of iMac and Macbook Pro suffer from thermal throttling and have/will have GPU issues after a few years of heave usage because of poor ventilation in their design.

The upcoming Mac Pro will be different but right from the start, it's outdated hardware. Vega is dead. Their trash can Mac Pro had the same issues. A 2013 computer had a 2011 processor and 2011 processor socket.

More importantly.... anyone running Catalina in a pro-audio video system? No. Updating the OS puts you out of work. That's the kind of windows nonsense that used to occur that made people switch to Mac OS. Now it's the other way around.

Don't get me wrong, I might switch back to Mac in the future. I was a fan boy for 20 years but currently I don't see an advantage to being on Mac.
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